What is the Volkswagen Get Involved “Summer of Service” program?

October 22nd, 2018 by

In addition to producing innovative and high-quality cars, Volkswagen places a strong emphasis on making a positive experience in the community. This aim is reflected in its Get Involved “Summer of Service” program, in which Volkswagen Group of America (VWGoA) employees volunteer with charitable organizations throughout the nation.

2018 Volkswagen Get Involved Summer of Service

Recently, Volkswagen concluded the 2018 Get Involved “Summer of Service,” which is the 2nd year of the program. From May to September 2018, an estimated 700 employees from around the country volunteered with charitable organizations in the communities where they live and work, with nearly 20 different volunteer projects organized by employees at eight VWGoA locations across America.

The incredible motivation and participation in this year’s Get Involved Summer of Service was truly a testament to our employees’ incredible passion and desire to serve their communities. Giving back builds a powerful connection to the communities where we work and is deeply rooted in our company culture.” – Machelle Williams, Senior Director, Diversity and CSR, VWGoA.

Volkswagen and Generosity Feeds

A highlight of 2018 Volkswagen Get Involved Summer of Service was the volunteer efforts of Volkswagen employees for Generosity Feeds, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing resources for children who are facing food insecurity. In July, six VWGoA locations across the country joined together to pack 35,000 meals simultaneously for Generosity Feeds. Also, Volkswagen honored employees with Get Involved Community Leadership Awards for work with their volunteer projects during the Get Involved Summer of Service, with a $2,500 donation made to the charity organization of their choice.

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