What to do if the VW EPC light is on

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What does the Volkswagen EPC light mean?

Part of learning to drive is not learning everything there is to know about cars. If it were, many of us would never get our driver’s license. If you’re here wondering what the Volkswagen EPC light means, you’re not alone. Those three little letters seem awfully vague for those who aren’t wrenching away at vehicles every day. EPC stands for Electronic Power Control. Here’s why the light might turn on in your VW and what it means for you.

What triggers the EPC warning light?

Much like any dashboard warning light, there can be a variety of problems that will cause this light to turn on. Chief among them are malfunctions in the throttle body or the engine speed sensor, a faulty mass air flow center or brake light switch or failing traction control or cruise control.

So, what does this mean for you? Typically, a problem you’ll notice is a decreased feeling of power as the throttle is limited. If it’s traction control or cruise control issues, you might find that these systems aren’t working.

Now, how serious of an issue is this? You’ll definitely want it repaired either way, but different problems have different levels of seriousness. You mass air flow sensor is an important part of the engine and if it is failing you might find that your engine struggles to start, it may stall, the fuel economy could go down or you’ll struggle to accelerate. All bad things, right? A malfunctioning throttle body will likewise cause problems when idling. Essentially, you’ll want to bring your vehicle in right away to prevent any engine damage.

Do you have questions about any other VW warning lights or service issues? Leave us a comment here at the Volkswagen of South Mississippi Blog.

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