Save Money on Gas in Your Volkswagen

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How Can I Make My Volkswagen More Fuel Efficient?

These days gas is expensive no matter where you go. While you may be tempted to scour the surrounding towns to find the cheapest gas option, you can save some money and time by improving the fuel efficiency of your Volkswagen. Use this guide from Volkswagen of South Mississippi to learn how you can make your Volkswagen more fuel efficient.

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Steps to Making Your Volkswagen More Fuel Efficient

When it comes to making your car more fuel efficient you may not be sure where to start, but here are some easy steps you can follow: Dashboard With Service Engine Soon Light and Oil Pressure Warning Light On

  • Cool it on the accelerator: Heavy acceleration and abrupt breaking can drastically lower your vehicle’s fuel economy, especially on the highway.
  • Regular engine maintenance: Staying on top of your car’s maintenance isn’t only important for the health of your vehicle but also its fuel economy. Be sure to repair any problems as soon as possible to maintain a good fuel economy.
  • Keep the cargo off your roof: When you drive with cargo strapped to your vehicle’s roof, your car has to push through more wind resistance, lowering its fuel economy. Instead of strapping items to the top of your car, mount them on the rear of your car if possible.
  • Take advantage of cruise control: Some may be hesitant when it comes to using cruise control, but this can actually save on gas. Cruise control helps your vehicle maintain a constant speed while avoiding heavy acceleration. Just be sure to only use this feature where it is safe to do so.
  • Keep your trunk light: Hauling around heavy cargo in your vehicle’s trunk can weigh it down significantly and drop your MPG. Whenever possible, avoid driving around with a trunk full of heavy items, especially if you have a smaller vehicle.

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Don’t let high gas prices get you down. There are easy steps to bettering your fuel economy and this guide to learning how you can make your Volkswagen more fuel efficient is here to help. Check out our online inventory to get behind the wheel of a new Volkswagen Golf today!

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