Volkswagen Comparison Research

Volkswagen Arteon over yellow background


They say it’s art in motion, and you’re likely to agree. The Volkswagen Arteon is a model that was created to embrace the premium feel that many shoppers love about the VW brand. It’s all of the European pedigree, but updated for the modern shoppers and contemporary aesthetics.

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Volkswagen Atlas over gray background


For far too long, Volkswagen stayed out of the SUV segments that have dominated the U.S. market. That’s no longer the case now that the Atlas has been added to the lineup. With a third-row that comfortably seats adults. It’s roomy from childhood up until the hectic teen years.

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VW Beetle over black background


Everyone knows the Volkswagen Beetle. The model has been around for more than seven decades and is easily the most recognized vehicle on the road. So much so, that the “Slug Bug” car game is one of the few that has even children competing to spot the iconic appearance of this small hatchback.

Beetle vs MINI Hardtop 2 Door
Beetle Convertible over yellow background

Beetle Convertible

Some might say that the vehicle is a whimsical choice in the modern automotive world. Creating an even greater sense of enthusiasm for fans of the model is the Beetle Convertible. It has all the features and benefits of the coupe, but with a soft top that allows you to let loose and feel the wind in your hair.

Beetle Convertible vs MINI Convertible
Volkswagen Golf over VW cyan background


First came the Beetle, then came the Golf. First known as the Rabbit, this model has always been a practical hatchback at an affordable price. A modern look makes the model more appealing than ever, plus its hatchback design allows it to have more cargo space for those who don’t travel light.

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Golf Alltrack over seafoam green background

Golf Alltrack

What does it mean for a vehicle to be a crossover? Though this word is traditionally used to describe SUVs, the Golf Alltrack proves to be a perfect combination of sedan appeal but with much more cargo space. Standard all-wheel drive also makes the Golf Alltrack a capable vehicle for weekend adventures.

Golf GTI over light gray background

Golf GTI

The original hot hatch remains an enthusiast favorite thanks to a surprisingly affordable price. With a hint of nostalgic trim and upholstery options, it calls to mind the original GTI, while also offering features that plant it firmly in the present. It’s no wonder the model is still a popular choice today.

Golf GTI vs WRX
Golf R over black background

Golf R

For those who think there’s no such thing as too much performance, the Golf R proves to be an enthusiast’s dream. Standard all-wheel drive and the most robust engine in the VW lineup allows the vehicle to have a premium feel. It’s at once athletic and upscale with subtle styling cues.

2018 VW Golf R vs 2018 Ford Focus RS

Golf SportWagen over blue background

Golf SportWagen

Who says the family station wagon is a thing of the past? Not Volkswagen, with the Golf SportWagen proving that the segment is still a practical one. The model is easy to maneuver and efficient, while offering much more cargo space than you’d see in a sedan. It’s basically the perfect combination.

VW Jetta over dark gray background


Is everything better in a Jetta? There’s only one way to find out. The compact sedan has always been a competitive choice because it’s typically more potent than other models within its segment. It’s also a vehicle that never skimps on standard features, a quality build or simple and elegant styling.

Volkswagen Passat over navy blue background


Some think of Volkswagen as a niche brand thanks to favorites like the Beetle or Golf GTI, but the Passat is the first model to come to mind when it comes to a sense of refined European pedigree. It’s a different side of the coin, but the Volkswagen Passat earned the reputation for a premium feel.

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Volkswagen Tiguan over cyan and light gray background


Volkswagen wasn’t always known for its crossovers, but the Tiguan was among the first. Though it has grown in size, it still retains plenty of practical elements. Just in a package that is roomier for families. This highly versatile crossover is a perfect fit for the American culture and has competitive features.

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