2018 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible vs 2018 MINI Cooper Convertible

2018 VW Beetle Convertible exterior back fascia and passenger side with top down vs 2018 MINI Cooper Convertible exterior front fascia and drivers side top down

If you are looking for a quirky contemporary vehicle, the 2018 Volkswagen Beetle might have already caught your eye. Of course, just being a cool-looking vehicle probably isn’t enough to convince you that you need this car. However, the specs and features of this vehicle just might. To prove it, we’ve taken this 2018 VW Beetle convertible and compared it to one of its competitors; the 2018 MINI Cooper Convertible.

To make this comparison, we have taken the specs and features of each vehicle and put them in a table so that you can look at them side-by-side. This way, you’ll be able to see exactly where these two vehicles differ from each other when it comes to space, power, transmission, and technology. Now, let’s take a look at the 2018 VW Beetle Convertible and how it holds up against the 2018 Mini Cooper Convertible!

2018 VW Beetle Convertible


2018 MINI Cooper Convertible

174 hp/185 lb.-ft. Horsepower/torque 134 hp/162 lb.-ft.
6-speed shiftable automatic Transmission 6-speed manual
Yes Automatic Post-Collision Braking system? No
81.4 cu.ft. Passenger volume 76.3 cu. ft.

Advantages of the 2018 VW Beetle Convertible

As you can see in the table above, the 2018 VW Beetle Convertible has more space power than the 2018 Mini Cooper Convertible. With 174 horsepower and 185 lb.-ft. of torque, this overpowers the 2018 MINI Copper Convertible by a significant amount. You’ll also have a bit more passenger volume in the Beetle convertible to stretch out in.

When it comes to transmission, it’s difficult to tell which vehicle pulls ahead of the other, mainly because people’s preferences on automatic and manual transmission vary quite a bit. If you like automatic, you’ll like the transmission on the Beetle Convertible. If you like manual, then the Mini Cooper Convertible is for you. of course, you could always settle for a happy middle, since the Beetle Convertible’s transmission is actually a shiftable automatic. So, if anyone likes shifting their own gears, but still likes the automatic transmission, you’ll probably like the Beetle Convertible over the Mini Cooper Convertible.

If you are looking for a variety of safety features, then you’ll also probably be more inclined to go with the VW Beetle Convertible over the Mini Cooper Convertible, with the Beetle’s Automatic Post-Collision Braking system, which the Mini Cooper Convertible doesn’t have.

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