VW EVs are happening, and they are being built in the U.S.

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VW i.D. Family with city backdrop and sunset

Volkswagen I.D. BUZZ and I.D. CROZZ U.S. production

The future is clear, and that future doesn’t involve vehicles that rely on fossil fuels. Volkswagen has made a big push when it comes to electric vehicle concepts, but until now it felt that perhaps these would only be concepts. Now it has been announced that the Volkswagen I.D. BUZZ and I.D. CROZZ are both being built for production, and they will be made in the U.S. Read the rest of this entry »

Volkswagen Passat offers R-Line and GT trims

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White 2018 Volkswagen Passat GT

2018 Volkswagen Passat R-Line vs V6 GT

At first glance, these two trims might look almost the same to you. There’s a reason for that. You see, the Passat V6 GT has the R-Line front and rear bumpers and larger 19-inch wheels, though of the Tornado design rather than Salvador. Wheel designs aside, what are the differences between the 2018 Volkswagen Passat R-Line vs V6 GT? Read the rest of this entry »

What to do if the VW EPC light is on

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What does the Volkswagen EPC light mean?

Part of learning to drive is not learning everything there is to know about cars. If it were, many of us would never get our driver’s license. If you’re here wondering what the Volkswagen EPC light means, you’re not alone. Those three little letters seem awfully vague for those who aren’t wrenching away at vehicles every day. EPC stands for Electronic Power Control. Here’s why the light might turn on in your VW and what it means for you. Read the rest of this entry »

Keyless access with push-button start makes life just a little bit more convenient

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Silk Blue Metallic 2018 Volkswagen Golf

Does the 2018 Volkswagen Golf have keyless access?

When it comes to standard features, our expectations have changed a lot over the last few decades. At one point, air conditioning was thought to be a luxury. These days, especially in the sweltering heat of summer, you wouldn’t catch us behind the wheel of a model that doesn’t have ice cold A/C. Climate control might feel like a must have, but for those asking whether the 2018 Volkswagen Golf has keyless access, it’s clear this is still a convenience. Read the rest of this entry »

For 2018, the Beetle offers three trims and two special editions

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2018 Volkswagen Beetle

2018 Volkswagen Beetle Trim Levels

If you’re doing your research on the 2018 Volkswagen Beetle, chances are you already know you love it. The model is unlike many options available on the market as a whole, leaving it with few other vehicles to even compare it to. The question isn’t whether you want the vehicle, but what your options are as far as trim levels are concerned. For the 2018 Beetle, there are three standard trims and two special editions. Special edition models are uniquely themed versions of the same great car that are sold in limited numbers and typically for only a few model years. Read the rest of this entry »

Volkswagen I. D. R Pikes Peak Racing Footage 2018

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Racing image of the Volkswagen I.D. R Pikes Peak

It was just over eight months ago that Volkswagen announced its determination to beat the electric vehicle record at the 2018 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. As we’re sure you know by now, VW not only succeeded, but earned the all-time record. A surprising feat considering VW hadn’t attempted to compete in more than 30 years. Now, you can watch just how fast the Volkswagen I.D. R Pikes Peak was with official footage now released. Read the rest of this entry »

How fast was VW at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb?

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Front end of the Volkswagen I.D. R Pikes Peak

Volkswagen I.D. R Pikes Peak 7m 57.148s run

The results are finally in. After 9 months, or 250 days of development, Volkswagen finally tested its meddle at the 2018 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. The automaker started with a definite challenge for itself. VW wanted to beat the 8m57.118 time that was completed by Rhys Millen back in 2016. Well, the automaker certainly did that. With Romain Dumas behind the wheel, the Volkswagen I.D. R Pikes Peak had a 7m57.148s run. Forget the Modified Electric Vehicle division. Volkswagen hit an all-time record for any vehicle. Read the rest of this entry »

When is the Fourth of July fireworks display?

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Catch the fireworks text with multi-colored fireworks

2018 Independence Day fireworks D’Iberville MS

You may or may not have heard, but D’Iberville, MS now allows the sale of fireworks. We know there will be plenty of rowdy Americans who will certainly be taking the opportunity to take their own celebrations a bit farther than simple sparklers we’re all used to, but that doesn’t mean you’ll want to miss the big show. Here are some of the 2018 Independence Day fireworks displays that are planned for the area. Read the rest of this entry »

How much can the 2018 Volkswagen Atlas tow?

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Silver 2018 VW Atlas towing a small camper

2018 Volkswagen Atlas Towing Capability

Much of the focus on the 2018 Volkswagen Atlas, which was just released for this model year, has been on the seating capacity. Volkswagen previously did not offer many SUV options, and those that were available were more of the crossover variety. This all changed with the Atlas, and naturally the focus was on just how roomy the model is. It’s true, that third row can comfortably seat adults, but what is the towing capability for the model? Read the rest of this entry »

Is Volkswagen Dynamic Chassis Control worth it?

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Picture of DCC system in VW Golf

What is Volkswagen DCC Adaptive Damping?

If you’ve never sat in a car and thought, “OK, this is the one,” then you’ve never found the right vehicle for you. You often don’t know when things are wrong until you’ve found exactly what’s right for you. Now, we aren’t saying that what you’ll find in VW models with the Dynamic Chassis Control system is love, but it just might be. You won’t know until you try it, and part of this is learning what Volkswagen DCC Adaptive Damping is to begin with. Read the rest of this entry »